I am on a weeks leave from work and have spent a fair amount of the last few days reflecting and writing in my journal.

I have not used any guided journal prompts, I have just been doing stream of consciousness writing and I have found it extremely uplifting and healing.  I have been writing about things I can do to make improvements to my life and about my dreams.

I have had a deep rooted, long term mental block when it comes to my dreams and I really don’t know why.  But yesterday something in me clicked and ideas and possibilities for the future poured out onto the paper.  It doesn’t matter that some of it is pie in the sky, highly unlikely to ever happen or even down right actually impossible.  The point is I am allowing myself to dream and think about my future without letting fear (of ????) get in the way.

Thinking about and writing down ideas and possibilities has given me a feeling of release.

What happens in my life is down to me – I can create the life I want to lead.  I just need to keep brainstorming all my ideas and the possibilities and identify what I actually want to work towards.

I could take immediate action like looking for a new job because I am unhappy in my current one, but I have changed jobs over and over (and over and over and over again) since I left university almost 13 years ago.  Instead, I have now realised I should be looking at why I keep repeating this cycle – am I doing the wrong type of work?……

I need to take responsibility instead of drifting through my life without any sense of direction.





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