Mental Block

So much has happened over the last year.

There have been difficult days, really difficult days and a fair few really good days too.

The thing is I keep finding myself getting through a day (either good or difficult) and thinking “I haven’t fully processed that yet” but do not seem to find the time or right head space to go back over things and figure out exactly what it is that I need to process.

My need to process my feelings and the things that have happened is why I have felt so heavily drawn to journaling recently but while I feel it is definitely a highly positive thing to do, I am finding myself “self editing” before the words get on to the paper, avoiding certain topics.

I have just started reading a book on visual journaling (Visual Journaling: Going Deeper Than Words by Barbara Ganim) and am hoping it gives me what I need to get over this mental block which is stopping me from fully living my life.


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