Reading my e-mails while eating my breakfast, I have just been hit by a thought.

When people close to me are unhappy, I’m unhappy.  So I spend my time and energy trying to make them happy.  Because, when they are happy, so am I.  But, it doesn’t work.  You cannot “make” someone else happy.  Happiness, positivity, optimism… are a choice, it has to come from within themselves,  It is their choice to make.  I have been fighting a loosing battle.

I think I have been looking at things the wrong way round.  What if the people close to me would be happy if I was happier?

It sounds a little selfish putting it in to black and white but I think I need to put some more thought into this…..



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1 Response to Selfish?

  1. geminigirl89 says:

    Looking after yourself isn’t selfish, it is important.

    Some food for thought: what if looking at your own happiness with any reference to other people is the wrong way to approach it? What if the most effective way to be happy is to focus on yourself, first and foremost?

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