Empty Shell

I was doing the same task pretty much solidly at work for the whole of last week and more than slightly lost the plot!

I have been checking the adding up of marks on exam scripts to ensure everything is correct before we release the marks next week.  Every time I finish a box and breathe a sigh of relief, someone is standing next to me with another box of scripts to check.

Time is flying but I’m not having much fun 😦  At one point I lost the ability to string words together to form a sentence.

Everyone in my office is working beyond their limits and stress levels are pretty high right now.

Things at home have been pretty difficult too.  We finally got round to arranging for a house clearance company to come and clear my Grandma’s house yesterday.  It was very strange seeing everything get packed into boxes and taken away.

My mum first moved in to that house when she was 10 years old.  My Mum, Sister and I lived there for a year when Mum left Dad, both Grandma and Grandad died there and one of my cousins was born there.   A lifetime of history.  Now its an empty shell, waiting for a new beginning.

Seeing it completely empty stirred up some emotions, thoughts and feelings that I haven’t processed fully yet.

I have been feeling so drained lately that I have not been journaling or meditating though I know that these are probably what I need to be doing in order to get my head straight and find some balance again.

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