To Do

I lost my voice 5 days ago and I still can’t speak now!

I think it is psychosomatic.  I think my brain has gone into “protection overdrive”.  If I literally can’t talk then I can’t tell people what I’m feeling, which I am not great at doing at the best of times.

It has really got me down this week but I got up this morning and decided I have to put “me” back in control of myself (does that make any sense at all????).

I may not be ready to deal with my issues yet, but that doesn’t mean to say I can’t take back control in certain areas of my life.

I have been thinking about my to-do-list.  Apart from when I am at work, I generally try to avoid writing down my to-do-lists.  A few years ago I found myself writing a list of the lists I wanted to write and decided that my list writing addiction had to stop then and there (apart from shopping lists and my at-work list).

However, I think writing a to-do-list now will do me good.  Getting things down on paper will help me get more focused and give me a sense of control over my life. T

he “to do’s” that have been buzzing around my head come under two categories: “got to” and “should do”.

My “got to’s” generally involve someone else (they affect others or there is some pressure from someone else to do them) and tend to be the things I do actually get done.

My “should do’s” tend to be things that don’t involve anyone else, they are generally for my benefit only but I often put off doing them (though these things can sometimes end up on the “got to” list if I put them off too long) because all my time and energy is spent on my “got to’s”.

My plan is to write my list then categorize it into “got to” and “should do”. Then I will think about the reasons each thing on the list falls into the category its in.

I will go through my “got to’s” and see if there are any I can drop so I have more time and energy for the “should do’s”.

I might then add another category – “want to’s”.  Some of the “should do’s” could become “want to’s” when I have more time and energy.

It’s my plan to then start working through my list, ensuring I alternate between the categories, so that I don’t always get stuck on my “got to’s”.

I have created some to-do-list pages using my zentangle inspired doodles to inspire me to make a start on this. notelets

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1 Response to To Do

  1. geminigirl89 says:

    I find lists can be helpful but part of looking after yourself is to do some things that you want to do and that make you feel good too.
    Best of luck with your lists and getting a balance between them 🙂

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