Review and Refocus

I spent 4 days of last week in bed, feeling really rubbish.

This swollen glands thing seems to effect me hormonally and leaves me feeling quite depressed.  All I did for most of last week was cry and sleep (and write incoherently in my new journal).

I am back on my feet now, still a little swollen and sore but my brain is starting to loose that “illness fogginess” that was stopping me having any coherent thought!

I am feeling quite cross for allowing myself to get ill like this again.

It had been intensely busy at work and I stupidly let my meditation and relaxation exercises slip because of lack of time and over tiredness.

It just goes to show how important it is that I factor these in everyday regardless of whatever else is happening.

I am telling myself that “I am right where I am meant to be at this point in time” and that this is a perfect opportunity to review and refocus.







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1 Response to Review and Refocus

  1. hermanchad says:

    So absolutely true. Seeing moments like that as a moment to focus on the positive, focus on the moment, and merely just be….is a great idea. Find moments like this throughout the a red light, waiting for4 tea to boil, every time you hear a bell…and you will find yourself reflecting and taking notice of all the positivity in the world! Smile! Look up Ron Gutman’s “The Power of Smiling”

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