It has been a very tough week.

Work has been insanely busy and I have been feeling utterly exhausted.  I woke up yesterday and all my glands were swollen and sore which is making me very uncomfortable and a little bit miserable 😦

I am starting to resemble a hamster with her little pouches full of food (my swollen glands have made my face swell up) and I am feeling like the hamster wheel has been spinning so fast this week that I have come flying off it.

I am now sitting in the corner of my cage, cleaning my face with my cute little feet trying to weigh up what to do next…..





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1 Response to Hamster

  1. qcatqwerty says:

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream plus relaxing music! My quick fix to a stressful day 🙂 Everything will seem so much better when you take a step back and just relax and hopefully today will be a better day 🙂

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