The Key to my Happiness

I have realized that when I focus on the little things, keep things simple, concentrate on one sense at a time I get the most intense feelings of contentment and pleasure.

The key to my happiness seems to be keeping things as simple as possible.

I have been feeling like a square peg in a round hole just lately, trying to come up with ways I can spread positive energy – suggestions on blogs, websites and examples from people around me have just not felt comfortable to me.

But I woke up yesterday with the thought that maybe I can spread positive energy though encouraging people to focus on the little things, concentrate on one sense at a time and to slow down a little sometimes.

My Grandma always commented on how, as a child, I used to make a chocolate bar last ages longer than anyone else.  I used to take the tiniest of bites, close my eyes and let the chocolate melt slowly on my tongue, only taking another tiny bite when it had completely dissolved.

I can still remember how incredible chocolate bars used to taste back then- and the only thing that I can think of that has dramatically changed (apart from the size of the bars!) is the speed at which I eat them now.  The next time I have some chocolate I intend to eat it as slowly as I possibly can.

Though I am not sure of specifics yet, I am starting to think that I may have found the perfect fit for the wonky and off-centre peg that I am!


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2 Responses to The Key to my Happiness

  1. Centrinus says:

    I am really looking forward to learning more about your progress in this area =)

    I really like your thinking. I am a firm believer in the small things. The problem I find is slowing down enough to savour them 😉

  2. hermanchad says:

    This is an awesome endeavor. I truly believe that when we stop looking at the minutia of situations and problems all around, and open our eyes to the great happiness throughout our life – we can truly find happiness. Thank you so much for liking my post, please check out my blog’s ( “daily motivations” for a myriad of ways that you can create and promote positivity and happiness through out your world and our world. There are so many ways to see this world as happy and awesome!

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