I have been feeling very strongly drawn to the concept of journaling over the last  week or so.

I have written a diary every day since I was 13 years old.  I use 5 year diaries so it’s only 4 or 5 lines a day which doesn’t give me much room for thoughts and feelings.  I also have a notebook which I refer to as my journal.  However I only write in this when I am working through ‘life coaching’ or ‘finding your purpose’ workbooks. 

What I am being drawn to now is something more than that.  I am thinking about a really nice hard back notebook waiting to be filled with writing, doodles, ink stamps and stickers.

I am thinking of lists of random words, stream of consciousness writing, single words written big and doodled around/in.  I am thinking of periods of soul-nourishing time spent, just me and my journal.  I am thinking….

…….I haven’t got beyond the thinking stage yet but I am definitely on the verge of starting a new project. 🙂



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