Another Piece of My Jigsaw – HSP

During last week I found something out about myself that has made me look at my past in a new light. I was introduced to the concept of “The Highly Sensitive Person” a few weeks ago and finally got around to reading up on it and taking the self-test on:

As soon as I started reading on the subject, dots started joining up. Situations I have found myself in and ways that I have reacted to things in the past felt like they were suddenly starting to make sense. I ticked 24 out of the 27 statements.

The scoring information stated that if you tick more than 14 statements then you are probably highly sensitive.

I have always been very aware of other people’s emotions and had quite high empathy levels. I stopped watching the news a few years back because I would sometimes end up in tears – mainly due to what I saw as journalist’s complete insensitivity in shoving a camera in people’s faces when they were going through unimaginably difficult situations.

I regularly feel extremely overwhelmed when in a group of more than about 3 people, find myself shutting down and not participating in activities or conversations if there are too many people around or there is too much noise and I often get stuck in my own head, planning what I should say in certain situations or going over what has already happened to try and make sense of things.

I have also changed jobs more times than I care to admit because I have found certain roles or certain places of work too stressful.

Browsing on-line I have found various suggestions and coping strategies for HSP’s and I am intending to do some further research on these.  I also want to figure out ways I can use this trait to help me to spread positive energy. 😀

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