A Young Lady from England

There was a young lady from England,

who was feeling that life wasn’t that grand.

She decided she had to be more optimistic,

thinking it would be quite simplistic,

but she found it wasn’t as easy as planned.


“Oh dear”, she thought, “I’m not on the right track,

it’s time to seek a different plan of attack.

I’m feeling so worn out and weary,

and I keep getting teary.

I really have to find what it is that I lack”.


Just looking at her it was clear to see,

one thing she lacked was energy.

Focusing on diet, exercise and sleep,

She made herself promises she really should keep,

to help her become the person she wanted to be.


Next she sought answers to the question of what values were core.

She thought and thought and thought a bit more.

Simplicity, kindness and balance are key,

She stated “these are the values that matter most to me

I can now move forward, of that I am sure”.


Now she was feeling brighter.  Her energy levels were rising,

and she was sticking to her values without compromising.

Then suddenly she was hit by a jolt “its just become clear to me,

where I’m going isn’t important, my focus should be the journey.

It seems obvious now.  It really shouldn’t be so surprising”.


As time was passing, she was becoming more self aware.

About her traits, beliefs and habits she started to care.

In looking for purpose she wants to research and write, to create and grow,

however on how this could help others, she doesn’t yet know.

But she’s now feeling optimistic, and on that I can swear.

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2 Responses to A Young Lady from England

  1. Centrinus says:

    Excellent post.

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