Not So Mini-Retreat

I have taken a weeks leave from work with the intention of working on increasing my physical and mental energy levels.

I have spent some of this first morning of my not-so mini retreat blog-hopping and found a fab blog:

Another example of what I need coming to me when I need it most!

Anyway, after a hour or so of reading Vlad Dolezal’s stuff, I went for a walk.  While I was walking I had a sort of eureka moment – or maybe more of a sudden joining up of the dots.

The dots:

  • a large part of my negativity comes from being highly sensitive to others moods – often finding the affects of someone else’s stress & negativity still affecting me long after they have recovered.
  • when I completed the workbook by Tim Pond based on the Happiness Hop books I identified my purpose as being “to spread positive energy” (though the how to, evaded me).
  • recent exercises point to balance being one of my core vales.

These things all kind of clicked into place today – I think my urge to try to spread positive energy comes from an attempt to find balance to cope with the negativity of others which I seem to be so sensitive to.

But to do this, I have to maintain my physical and mental energy levels.  Otherwise I end up feeling like I am running on empty – like I have felt just lately.  Negative psychological energy on a self-feeding cycle and not enough physical energy to do anything about it.

I have been focusing on things to help boost my psychological energy over the last few weeks and seen definite improvement but I have to now also take into account fundamental lifestyle factors like exercise, quality diet, good sleep and quality recovery time (Vlad Dolezal).


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4 Responses to Not So Mini-Retreat

  1. Duma dreaming says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you for awarding me with the Liebster Award:-)! I am a bit confused on what to do and did not have a lot of time to read blogs or understand the possibilities of the WordPress website yet, so whenever I have found some more blogs that seem interesting I will forward it. It is just confusing, because you’re describing the process different than Sopphey, of whom you included the link about the award… Anyway, something completely different, I read a few of your blogs and want to bring your attention to the concept of you maybe being a HSP (High Sensitive Personality). Once you know if you are, there are books you can read and loads of advice from the writers to make your life much more comfortable. Check out one of the main writers about the subject, Elaine Aron, on
    Good luck:-)!

    • Hi,
      I think the Liebster award has probably changed over time as it gets passed around – a bit like chinese whispers. I tried to follow the rules of the person that sent it to me though I only nominated 8 and not 11 blogs.
      The website you recommend looks extremely interesting and I am going to have a go at the self test shortly. Thank you ever so much for the information. Happy blogging 😀

  2. lulu says:

    Definitely an HSP! Welcome to our little club 🙂

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