Recharging Batteries

Thinking about the changes I want to make in my life has made me realize I need to start distinguishing between physical energy and psychological energy.

When I found myself saying “I just don’t have the energy” recently I didn’t give it much thought but what I meant was that my psychological energy levels were extremely low.  My physical energy was actually reasonably ok.

I am now starting to think of these two types of energy as interconnected batteries.  If the psychological battery gets too low it can start sucking energy from the physical battery to compensate and vice versa.

I have realised that everything we come into contact with – “things”, other people and our own thoughts – can either drain or recharge our batteries.  So…..what are my psychological energy boosters?  I can feel a list coming on….

Right now my biggest psychological energy boost is from reading inspirational blogs about optimism, positivity and getting back on track.  I read quite a lot over the last few days but if you can recommend one please leave a comment.

Love and hugs



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