Small Steps

On Friday morning last week one of my work colleagues from the Research Team bought in a box of sausage batches and bacon batches – one for everybody in the Admin and IT teams because she knew morale had been low in our teams lately and she wanted to cheer everyone up.

She made my day, and not just because I was really hungry!  She also made my day because I felt the energy in the Department turning from negative to positive as she went around handing them out and chatting to everyone.  It put a smile on my face and the faces of my other colleagues for pretty much the rest of the day.

I sent her an e-mail afterwards to thank her but it didn’t feel like it was enough given how much I appreciated what she had done.

I had been trying to think of somethings I could do to spread some positive energy (though not on such a big scale).  However I have realized that I need to spend some time focusing on internal changes before looking outwards.

I need to be taking small steps if I am going to make lasting changes.  Firstly I think I have to start being kinder to myself and also start meditating regularly again.

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