Have you had moments where you have thought “please just give me a sign, what should I be doing right now” – whether its directed to God or to the universe or your angels?

Last summer, whilst walking to the bus stop on the way to work I had one of these moments.  As soon as the thought went through my head, I looked up to see a huge lorry, stopped right ahead of me in the morning highway traffic with the word “panic” emblazoned across the side of it.

That evening my mum and I found ourselves sat with my Grandma in A and E and she was subsequently diagnosed with numerous inoperable brain tumors, secondary to the breast cancer she had been diagnosed with the previous summer.

She was the most positive and optimistic person I have ever met, even right at the end in January this year. Losing her has hit me and my family like a tonne of bricks.  We are shattered and broken but I want to learn from her example.  I want to make her proud of me.  She described her life as “a life well lived”.

Today, walking back from the bus stop on the way home from work, I looked up at a giant bill board that I walk past everyday but rarely look at.  In huge white letters was the word “Optimism” – (I think its an advert for butter).

I think the universe might be trying to tell me something.

Love and hugs



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