Optimism and Positivity – My Action Plan

I have become aware that my recent negativity is destructive (to myself and those around me) and that being optimistic and positive is a choice I can make but awareness is only the first stage to making a life change.  Action (and effort) is needed to make changes happen.

What’s my focus? 

  • I want to be optimistic and positive inside and out.
  • I want to break my negative thought patterns
  • I want to generate positive energy outward to others

Action Plan

  • Be mindful of my negative thought patterns

– Think about whether they are true, do I really believe the thoughts

– Consider why I am having these thoughts now, am I tired, hungry, anxious?

– Meditate

– Turn thought into a positive (if possible) or try seeing it from a different view point

  • Be kind to myself
  • Develop coping strategy to deal with my reaction to other people’s stress
  • Journal more about how I am feeling
  • Set my positive intentions each day – intention sets direction, actively choose positivity
  • Connect more with others

– Make eye contact with people

– Express gratitude more

– Compliment people

– Smile at people

  • Do nice things for others
  • Write positive and uplifting blog posts
  • Don’t beat myself up if I do get low.   Trying to be positive all the time could be just as destructive as being stuck in a negative cycle all the time.  Allow myself to feel what I am feeling, but don’t let it become destructive again- aim for optimism: tell myself that things can and will get better if I take positive action.
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