A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t have much self-esteem or confidence.

She hadn’t really formed a sense of self yet, but off she went to University.

During her time at university she met a man from the real world.  She liked him and he liked her so they set off on a long journey together.

She did everything she could to make him happy but it was never, ever enough.

Years, and years and years later the girl awoke, as if from a very long sleep and ended their journey together.

For about a year and a half she read, researched, meditated and thought and finally developed a sense of who she was.

When she felt ready, she went back out into the world and met someone else that she wanted to go on a journey with.  But this time things were balanced and they made each other happy.

Then the girl went through some very difficult times but he stood at her side.

However, despite his support, things got quite bad and she felt as if there was a big, black cloud hovering over her, threatening to gobble her up.

A short time passed, and after reading some inspirational blogs, and with his continued support, she suddenly realized that she had a choice – she could wake up every day and worry and stress about everything, feeding the black cloud with the negative energy it needed to thrive – or she could choose to be happy and positive.

The end

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