The other day I read a blog post by Hannah Marcotti in which she talked about being ill and asking for a sign from the universe to “help her find her love” within the next 48 hours based on a prompt/experiment from E-Squared by Pam Grout.

I haven’t read it but have been reading the Abraham Hicks books so it resonated with me.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself yesterday. I’ve been off work ill for over a week and was feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

So I asked the universe to give me a sign in the next 48 hours that this manifestation stuff works. I asked for rainbows.

Four hours later I’m looking up a book on Amazon that someone had recommended. It didn’t grab me but I scrolled down and looked at the “customers also bought” section and saw a book called Eleanor & Park. I had heard of it but I didn’t know the authors name was Rainbow Rowell. “There’s my rainbow!”

Since then rainbows have cropped up for me in various ways 3 more times in 24 hours.

Coincidence? Maybe.  But it feels magical to me.

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Word for the Year: Magical


My word for 2015 is magical.

Last year my guiding word was healing. Last year I felt damaged and in need of “fixing” in some way. Last year I broke apart and through that breaking I started to become myself. Last year was difficult but it was also deeply healing for me.

But I want this year to be magical, mysteriously enchanting, spellbinding.

I want to see the magic all around me day to day through mindful, conscious living, to be full of awe and wonder and to play and create. I want to feel magical and create magic for myself and for those close to me.

My core desired feelings (Danielle La Porte) are abundant, creative and soulful/soul centred.



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Kindred Spirit

I was tied in knots, defences up,

needed a map for this journey of mine.

A peaceful presence, a kindred spirit,

my wishes fulfilled.

Knots loosening, defences coming down.

Increasing understanding and self acceptance,

inspiring a new beginning.


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Healing Silence

001 (2)

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I seek inspiration, balance, understanding.

But my thoughts constrain me.

I go within.

Patience. Opening up, letting go. Healing.

My blossoming heart awakens,

with knowing self acceptance.



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Radiance poem

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I Feel

I feel anxiety awakening.

Soul seeking peaceful sanctuary.

Remember different energy,

find unusual strength creatively.

Calm. Relax. Simplicity.




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